Breastfeeding: My First Experience With Severe Breast Pain


So, for the past few months, breastfeeding has been going really smoothly for me.

I avoided any real pain, and Kara has been nursing and gaining weight like a champion. I am beyond thrilled about this, and have been really amazed at how much easier it has been for me this time around.

Everything was easy, that is, until last week when I began to feel intense pain in my left breast.

It wasn’t nipple pain, it was a deep pain, radiating from one side of my breast. It hurt so bad that I could barely hold Kara up on my shoulder. I also felt a little under the weather, so of course, my huge fear was mastitis.

I consulted with the other moms on my Facebook page, and got some good advice.

I was encouraged to continue nursing on the sore breast, to take hot showers, and to massage the breast.

Even though it hurt, I continued to nurse, and within 48 hours, the pain began to fade.

It was suggested to me that it was probably a clogged duct, but I am still not sure. I just know that it hurt, and that it was scary, but I am so glad that it has passed.

I have a huge fear, still, that something is going to throw a wrench in my breastfeeding success.

Did you ever have breast pain while nursing?

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