Breastfeeding Stress: One Boob or Two? HELP!


You’d think after breasfeeding my second breastfed child for two months I’d be more confident but the truth is I still doubt myself ALL the time.

Is he nursing enough?
Is he gaining enough weight?
Should I eat that?
Do I have enough backup milk?
Should I continue to pump?
Can I go that long without nursing?
Is my supply decreasing?

For as much as I try to trust him I’m constantly doubting myself.

After getting some great advice on Little Beans Gas problem, I moved to a one boob system to help balance the foremilk/hindmilk thing. It definitely helped!

But now I feel like some feedings he requires both. So I give him both. Then I worry.

Maybe he didn’t finish the first?
Will he get too much foremilk if I switch?
OMG what if my supply is decreasing?!?


Then my head explodes.

Seriously WHY is breastfeeding so stressful!


Ok, it’s not THAT stressful but these things do cross my mind all the time and I do worry about them.

Did you stress over breastfeeding? Did you nurse on one side per feeding or both? Did it depend? Would love to hear your stories!