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But… I Don't Consider Myself Crunchy

By Danielle |

Are you offended by Stereotyping?

Before my oldest son was born I was what some would consider a pretty “soggy” parent in terms of the “crunchy” or natural parenting community. Over the years I have really changed a ton and essentially became what many would consider “crunchy.”

The problem is… I don’t really classify myself as a crunchy parent. I really don’t classify myself in any category as a parent. I just call myself… a parent.

I often get offended when people try and classify my style.  Lazy parent, relaxed, laid back, crunchy, helicopter, tiger mom… come on! We are all just freaking parents. Why do we have to put labels on it? Labels which are sometimes offensive or hurtful!

I don’t like to be the preachy type, but seriously I think the vast majority of parents are out here busting their asses doing the best they can for their kids. No one is purposely trying to put their kid in danger. At least someone in their right mind!

But back to the point.

We do a lot of the same things crunchy families would do. But I just don’t classify myself as crunchy — and I think most who know me wouldn’t either.

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Do You Consider Yourself a

We Breastfeed

Almost 11 months and we are still going strong with no end in sight.
I don't mind at all because boobs are free... although I would really love to sleep through the night one of these days...
I really don't care when she decides to wean!

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9 thoughts on “But… I Don't Consider Myself Crunchy

  1. Maggie says:

    You post a pic of a sample you got saying you use Eco-friendly? Lol

  2. Erica says:

    Most of the stuff you wouldnt even have if
    you didn’t get it for free. The freebies cant really define you as a certain kind of mother. You didn’t make the conscious decision to go out and purchase those items on your own free will in order to live that kind of lifestyle.

  3. Kaylee says:

    Sounds like you’re still pretty soggy. Your statement about not homeschooling because kids need to be around other kids is an ignorant statement to make by the way. And yes I know that you followed that up with homeschooling parents are saints, but it is clear you have never even looked into homeschooling nor met an actual homeschooling family. Homeschooled children probably get to experience more of their peers than your public schooled children do. They are involved in so many different activities. Usually some sort of church school, scouts, sports, music lessons, and even homeschooling groups where the parents get together and teach different subjects. Can you say that about your non-homeschooled children? Doubtful! So before you go trying to portray school as a superior option to homeschooling simply because of the socialization aspect of it you might want to look into what homeschooling actually entails. And no, we are not around our children 24/7 because we choose to homeschool.

  4. Danielle625 says:

    @Kaylee – I actually know a lot about home schooling as my childhood best friend and really only friend was home schooled from 1st grade on. It was not said to be judgmental by any means.
    More power to those who make that choice – I choose differently.

    As for the other people with their comments about free stuff. I buy a lot of things for my children, day-in and day-out. Yes I review and giveaway products for companies. It comes as part of my job.

  5. Kaylee says:

    With all due respect one of your reasons for not homeschooling is because of the fact that your kids need to be socialized with other children. Therefore, it stands to reason that you don’t actually think homeschooled children get out and socialize. Perhaps that was the way your best friend from childhood was and maybe homeschooling was different back then. But now it’s not like that. My point was that saying that you don’t homeschool because your children need to be socialized makes it sound like if you homeschool you’re a hermit. Saying it’s not for me, I have a hard time teaching my children things, we need that apart time would be better than saying they need to be socialized because you are putting that stigma on homeschooling that it’s just a bunch of crazy hippies wanting to remove themselves from reality and society. Perhaps you did not mean it that way, but you did say your reasoning for homeschooling was because your children need to be around other children.

    Now I don’t know all about your thing with receiving free products so I went ahead and checked you out a little more. It does seem that when you come into stuff to review that then you take on that persona. If you received a start up kit for free of cloth diapers to help you switch to cloth that certainly doesn’t sound like someone who was looking to do cloth until they were handed to you. Then you liked it and bought more. That’s fine whatever, I don’t care.

    But something else that was sticking in my crawl about this whole post was your eating comments. You say in one moment that eating organic is just too expensive, but then you say you eat out a lot. Organic food has got to be cheaper than eating out a lot. You frequent fast food and sit down restaurants in moderation because you like good food and you can’t cook? I don’t know something here is just not adding up and I’m having a really hard time seeing that anyone would call you crunchy. It seems like that’s more of a title you aspire to have, but just don’t have the patience to do. Less of an insult to you. All I see here that you do crunchy is breastfeed, cloth diaper, and use a few homeopathic remedies. Just not seeing much crunchy here.

  6. bunnytwenty says:

    agh, what’s with all the hate-y comments today?
    Danielle, it sounds like you have a good balance between crunchy and non – which seems a lot saner than folks who hew too closely to one side or the other. Balance in all things!
    And I can’t get enough of those adorbs pics of Addie in her helmet – I know you hate it but it’s super super cute.

  7. Christy W. says:

    Come on, mamas! We’re all doing our best to be the best mothers we can be, in whatever form that takes for us. Let’s love and support one another, all parenting differences aside.

  8. Jessica says:

    Good grief! Reading some of these comments here and it makes me wonder what happened to “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Being a mother is hard work without other mothers attacking you and being judgemental about your choices for raising your family. Just because something works for one family doesn’t mean it’s going to work for another family and vise versa. How about a little support, we’re all doing the best we can.

  9. Jenn says:

    Why is it when someone has a difference of opinion with Danielle, they are automatically called rude, mean, hateful, judgemental? NONE of the posts above are mean or rude nor judgemental. It’s called an OPINION and several people have chosen to voice theirs in a respectful way.
    Y’all need to pull your heads out of Danielle’s ass. She’s a big girl isn’t she? Or does she not have her big girl panties on? See now THAT was rude and mean. If Danielle can’t handle opinions that are different than hers and gets offended *that* easily perhaps she should look into another “job”

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