But I Don't Want Him to Sleep in His Room

I'm not ready for him to move out!
I'm not ready for him to move out!

AAP I am not listening to your guidelines on infant sleep, sorry.

Unlike our other 3 kids, little Zeke sleeps in our room.

And by “our room” I really mean cuddled in my arms each night. While another purpose for our room may mean we are a wee bit more cramped, this little thing sleeping next to me is worth it.

With our other babies, they just didn’t dig the sleeping next to us, which was fine . For the first few months while they were adjusting to life here on Earth, we had them in bassinets next to our beds. Then when they slept through the night, we politely kicked them out of our bedroom and off to their nursery they went. But this one cuddles!



There have been a few nights where Zeke has fallen asleep elsewhere, and each of those nights the length of sleep is significantly less. When he’s in bed with us, it’s as if he doesn’t need to wake to eat quite as often.

I sleep better, he sleeps better. There’s no need for him to use his nursery. Wonder if I could make that a craft room instead.

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