Cabin Fever Has Officially Set In


We are on day two of being stuck inside all day due to Hurricane Sandy. First, I want to tell you that we are incredibly lucky and grateful to make it out of this storm okay. (The full story of how we fared over on my personal blog.)

We were able to make it outside a little bit this morning to ease off some of the cabin fever that has started to set in. But because nothing was open, it started to rain again, and all of the parks and playgrounds are closed for safety reasons, it didn’t last long.

Living inside a little apartment for several days unable to go outside really brings your patience as a parent to an entirely new level. I feel so sorry for the girls who are just going crazy being stuck inside. Harlan has made our couches her personal trampoline and Avery is finding every nook and cranny in the house to pull herself up on. She even attempted to stand up unassisted for a few seconds today in all of the craziness. That’s when I knew that cabin fever had officially set in. I’ve never seen her be so daring and attempt big moves like she did today.

I think I might have run through all of my ‘stuck inside’ tricks yesterday, because other than just letting them run (and crawl) around like crazy, I had nothing. Both girls were rolling around, being loud, and laughing at the sound of the dog barking. It was pure joy watching them have so much fun together, but also sadness as I knew they needed to get outside to let some of that energy out.

We received the official call from Harlan’s school this morning that it is cancelled for tomorrow. Rather than sulking that we have another day inside, I am going to do my best to get both girls out of this apartment and doing something. Although none of the subways are running to take us far, we are going to walk until our hearts are content. We just need to smell and feel the fresh air.

Tomorrow is a new day and one that (hopefully) lets us spend outside. For now, although the cabin fever has set in for all four of us, I am counting my blessings that we are safe and sound in our own home.

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