California Bans Expired Baby Formula, Um, Because Selling it Was Legal — Last Month

Infant formula
Just what beleagured formula feeders needed more of: bad news about baby formula

You know how sometimes you learn something new that you wished you hadn’t? Like what Jell-O is made of, or how old the laborers are that made your favorite sweatshirt from the Gap?

Well, how do you feel upon learning that it only became illegal on Sunday for expired baby formula to be sold in California (according to Café Mom)? And that it’s not even a federal law, which means it’s not illegal for expired formula to be sold in most other states?

Ugh, right?

Fortunately there are requirements elsewhere that say expiration dates must be clearly marked. Unfortunately just because it’s expired (other than in California) doesn’t mean it has to be taken off the shelf. Because it occurs to all of us to check the Sell By dates on things on the shelf that aren’t in refrigerated aisle, right? Wrong. Sigh.

I feel terrible for moms who give their babies formula upon hearing this. There’s been enough crap lately, like the tragic story of the newborn who died recently allegedly after drinking a bad batch of formula. And there are the ever-present lactation bullies who make anyone who uses formula feel like they shouldn’t have bothered having babies if they couldn’t nurse, no matter the circumstances. Being a mom is tough work, and the last thing anyone needs is more awful news, or critcism, about how to care for your baby.

Hopefully this is just a good warning to parents (except those in California, who apparently don’t have to worry about it now) to check the expiration date on those formula cans. And hang in there, it does get better. Eventually your baby will be a kid who won’t want formula (or your boob) anymore. Then it’s off to a bigger and better problems.