Camping With a Newborn (& Toddler) Part One - The Preliminary

Beach camping back when we were childless. Now with bigger tent, bigger vehicle and 4 times the packing!

Lists. They are my friend. I mentioned a few posts back that we are going to this lovely little festival in Ontario – The Shelter Valley Folk Festival.

It’s a camping festival and it’s where I met the mister. The line-up is stellar, including one of our wee lad’s favourites, Leela Gilday. He watches at least one of her music videos a day and has a serious crush on her. At least I think that’s what it means when he calls her pretty and watches with adoring zen.

But wait. Camping you say? With two little ones? With one of those little ones going on 6 weeks old battling reflux? Well. As a family we all need some desperate R&R. It may not sound this is the best getaway for that, what with all the work camping entails. But, you see, we are not going into the great wild alone, void of amenities.

We are joining a community of good friends and family, even the g-rents will be there. They’ve been volunteering at the fest for years. So. While there may not be a maid, hot tub, nanny or room service, we couldn’t be more excited. Even if we get rained on. (That’s me being positive. Please, please creator – don’t piss pour rain down on us. Pretty please. We have the gear, but just don’t go there!)

I may even temporarily foray from my mat leave with the record label I handle social media for…given that 3 of their artists are on the bill. I won’t be able to help myself. (Sidenote: pack tripod, because in your exhausted delusional state you think you’ll have time for that. Also, you are talking to yourself via blog post.)

Back to that list. How does one prepare exactly – for the unknown (weather-wise, ’cause that dude who calls it is often wrong). Over-pack. Pack for warm, wet and cold. For each and every little and big in the family. It’s been in my experience that this proves for ensured comfort no matter what.

The List (I’m only doing Lil’ Abner’s, because really – I don’t need to bore the knickers off of ya).

1. Cloth Diapers? Uhm no. They can stay home for this one.

2. Biodegradable disposables and wipes. Lots.

3. Clothes: Plenty of onsies, socks, leggings, sweat-pants, sweaters – and yes, a cute sundress or 2. Obviously. Sunhat and warm hat.

4. Layette: burp cloths and swaddles.

5. Wrap and stroller.

6. Big quilt.

7. Bassinet (just the basket part).

8. My boobs.

9. Soothers.

Did I miss anything? Please chime in on the comments if you see something vital missing!

Pretty sure Wyndham’s list is bigger – it is after all nothing short of faerie magic to keep a toddler fed, watered and happy. Never mind our list. It’s a doozey. I’ll be letting y’all know how this went. We plan to be out the door for 1pm tomorrow, the lad’s nap-time. Abby is not a set schedule yet and it’s a 2 hour drive. Pray for me. (Us).

Did you go camping with your little’s when they were rrrreally little? How’d that go for ya? Remember I haven’t left yet and while I don’t scare easily…

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