Camping With a Newborn & Toddler - Part Two - THE END

Who doesn't love a sea of uke's and a cute baby?

Ah, yes. What a special weekend we had ourselves. The NO THANKS, I’ll pass on that, kind of special. Now, upon a day of rest and reflection I can honestly say that was some kind of crazy shit yo. But. We are still glad we went. For all of the beautiful moments in between the kerfuffle. Heroes we may very well be with reserves of kryptonite.

The things that occurred would have stressed a childless couple. Never you mind. Having a dark sense of humour proved to be most helpful during times of duress.

  • Baby Love 1 of 13
    Baby Love
    Enjoying music under the blessed shade of a canopied stage.
  • Kisses 2 of 13
    Meeting friends for the first time.
  • Naps In The Shade 3 of 13
    Naps In The Shade
    Extreme pass-out.
  • Mommy’s Having a COLD Beer 4 of 13
    Mommy's Having a COLD Beer
    or two.
  • Comfort is Possible 5 of 13
    Comfort is Possible
    Don't forget the Zeuss.
  • Pitiful 6 of 13
    Hot as hell.
  • Destruction 7 of 13
    Storm after-math.
  • Adorable Family 8 of 13
    Adorable Family
    It's the small things that get you through...
  • You Want Me To Nap Out Here? 9 of 13
    You Want Me To Nap Out Here?
    Yea right!
  • C’mon! 10 of 13
    Ukes make EVERYONE happy.
  • Dancing Backstage 11 of 13
    Dancing Backstage
    Alert as ever!
  • Sleeping For The Car-Ride 12 of 13
    Sleeping For The Car-Ride
    With one eye-open...
  • Zonked 13 of 13

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

1. Epic thunderstorms just before arriving, where we were told the concert was called for the night and to sit in our vans until it passed. Yea right! After 4 hours with cooped up little ones who needed to eat? (Because that’s how long it took, as opposed to the regular 2 hours due to holiday traffic).

2. So we a set-up anyways, (in ridiculous humidity) on a slight decline – because it was going to get dark in about 15 min., and we were in a bit of a panicked state wanting to get it done before the imminent rains started again. (Setting up a new tent that we’ve never done before in the dark, during a thunderstorm? No thanks.)

3. We got set-up. Phew! (Well really the mister did while I tried to maintain composure taking care of both the littles while they had meltdowns). Now, feeling less stressed we both cracked a beer and continued to unpack, change bums, eat some food here and there from the cooler, when SHAZAM! The passenger door window broke. Completely random, out of the blue – no one was near it. Sweet action.

4. Ah, but there was lovely music trailing up the hill due to the announcement that the storm had passed and the concert was back on. This is what we were here for. Happy memories came trickling in from years passed and the first time we met, all single, flirting and playing hard-to-get. Now, 4 years later with our family, completely off our rockers apparently.

5. With Lil’ Abner cozy in her wrap (did I mention it was humid? At least she was comfy…) we trekked down the hill to find our pals and the G-rents. The wee lad was in his pj’s and rain-boots, happily sucking back a milk in his stroller ready to explore in bright eyed wonder. He was all about it. Guitar! Singing! Outside! Wowee!

6. An enjoyable evening was had by all, seeing many friends we hadn’t seen in years, or at least since the birth of Abby, or for some; both of our littles. There was much love in the air and mild amusement from some in seeing us together as a family, having been there when we met, when I was there with another guy. And the line-up! Superb. Worth it.

7. Our first night in the tent proved to provide us with actual sleep and no rain. Only to wake to a dead vehicle battery. Oh sweet bejeebus. No access to the trunk (automatic open only), and we didn’t bring our cables. Nor did any of our neighbours have cables. Also the air-matress needed a good pump of air (also built in electric). Oh well. At least it was STINKIN’ TEXAS HOT. Weather man, you are so dead meat. Speaking of, now all of a sudden it’s fall. Full-on chilly. We were praying for some of that on Saturday. PRAYING. It was nasty. Disgusting. Ew.

8. Fast forward through a sweaty, stinky, day of a happy toddler charming everyone to no end and a sweet baby who was loved on by all. Mom and Dad? We did alright. Abby got heat-rash, although none too bothered by it. We made it back to our site to have a rest and attempt nap-time. Well, I’m sure you can imagine how that went in the hot haze, with the only shade being outside. Took more than a little while and all the tricks we had to get Wyndham down. Weeeee!

9. Oh Saturday night. Neither child was in the mood for a concert so we listened from our site, (after a big FAIL of trying it). The mister found a dude with cables and made our bed sleep-able again. Who am I kidding? We totally crashed at 9:30 pm. It was lovely chatting quietly in the tent with our little guy entertaining us with his antics and eventually falling asleep too. 5am. EPIC thunderstorm. Totaling our shade tent, (actually breaking it in numerous places) and whipping everything we had outside around the site.

10. Sweet Sunday. The morning provided us a comical flux in the weather – hot, cold, hot, cold. We had a great time in the children’s area, took in some stellar music in the afternoon and sweated it out. Like the good hippys we sometimes are.  You bet we packed it in a day early and headed home. With no passenger window. Of course it rained cats and dogs about 50 clicks from home. Don’t worry, we pulled over and taped the crap out of some plastic to the window, which provided protection along with disturbing noise, adding to the soundtrack of our children’s wails.

We made it home and crashed out after dunking our wee ones through a quick bath. We slept all day yesterday off and on and good friends cooked up a huge feast for our weary bodies. Would we do it again? Sure. It was FUN!

Who used to love camping and festival going before kids? Was/Is it still possible for you with them? What are your tip and tricks?

Top Image courtesy Jory Nash

Article Posted 5 years Ago
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