Can Guys Tackle a Breast Pump? (Video)


I’ll be the first to admit that a breast pump can be kind of tricky to assemble if you are a new mom. I remember getting the pump out of the box wondering what the heck every single little part did. But once I got it assembled, I quickly got the hang of it. Little did I know that my breast pump and I would soon become best of friends. I think I could probably assemble the thing with my eyes closed now.

My husband’s reaction to first seeing the breast pump was kind of amusing. He took a look at the “cone looking things” and thought I was out of my mind. Little did he know that he would be seeing me using those “cone looking thing” quite often. Now nearly three years later, my breast pump no longer phases him.

Although he’s gotten used to me and my BFF breast pump, I’m still not so sure he could put it together for me. So it begs the question, can guys tackle putting together a breast pump?

Check out this video of one mom putting five guys to the test to see what happens when they go against a breast pump.



So what do you think, could your husband tackle a breast pump?

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