Can I Take Medicine While Breastfeeding? There's An App For That!


Every breastfeeding mom dreads getting sick. Well, ok, every PERSON dreads getting sick but breastfeeding moms, like pregnant women, have limits on what they can take to relieve the symptoms of illness. So, when a breastfeeding mother starts to feel lousy, she can’t just pop some Nyquil or Pepto and carry on. She needs to make sure she isn’t going to be passing the medicine along to her baby.

I was in this situation the other night. My stomach was…well, it wasn’t good. I’ll spare you the gruesome details. I wanted to take something to settle it down because I didn’t want to risk dehydration that could compromise my milk supply. Also, OW. Stomach cramps hurt. So I went to do a little research and stumbled onto LactMed. It’s a free online resource from the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health. You can search drugs by their brand and generic names and find the basics of all the research on how those drugs affect lactating women, including if they end up in breastmilk. They even cite the abstracts of peer reviewed studies. So helpful!

And! And this is the part that blew my mind in the best way possible: they even have an app! I KNOW! And the app was free for iPhone so I downloaded it immediately and now my phone can confirm that yes, Imodium is considered reasonably safe while breastfeeding.

No one at LactMed or NLM or NIH is paying me to say any of this. I’m just super excited to find this amazing resource for breastfeeding moms and thought I’d share. Obviously, no phone app can take the place of a doctor or lactation consultant so please use your best judgement when making medical choices while breastfeeding and consult real professionals if you need to.


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