Capturing Memories via Future Emails

Write an email now and receive it in the future.
Write an email now and receive it in the future.

Oh time flies. I’ve said it over and over, but it’s so true. Blink and life passes you by.

Here is a fun way capture memories via future emails – all for free. Confused? So was I, until I did it.

Use to write yourself an email to the future you. Set the time and date you want to receive it. Attach and photo, then hit send. (You will need to verify the website, but that’s it.)

Don’t stop there! Take a few minutes and write your baby an email with a current photo attached. Set it to receive a year from now. A year from now, receiving this email may result in you crying and screaming “Where did my baby go!?!”.

1 year from today, each of our kids will get an email from me with a photo of themselves attached. Our older kids have their own email address, my husband and I will get the younger kids’ emails.  The emails are short and sweet and include milestones from the year as well as where they are in life at this moment.

  • The baby, who is 4 months old and the little things he is doing.
  • The toddler, how he is into EVERYTHING.
  • The 6-year old and how he is trying so hard to tie those shoes!
  • The 8-year old and how she so helpful with her brothers (and how she will always be our princess).

I sent myself an email with my new year’s resolutions as well as a lovely self photo. It will be neat in a year to see the older kids receive their emails, and then realize how much our younger 2 kids have changed in a matter of year. Let’s just see how those new year’s resolutions are a year from now before I say how I will react to the email I sent to myself.

Don’t just sit there – write an email to the future you or to your baby in the future:

How Are You Capturing Memories of Your Baby?


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