Car Seats in Shopping Carts: A Dangerous Combination

From: The Car Seat Lady

I’ve always felt that perching the car seat up on top of the shopping cart isn’t very safe but it seems like everyone does it and, well, how else are you going to take baby to the grocery store? But The Car Seat Lady reports that nearly 10,000 infants in the US are injured each year in their infant car seats NOT in crashes, but rather while using the seats outside of the car, and this cringe-worthy story… of one baby’s fall from the cart is enough to stop my risky habit. But what to do? Bjorn him? Stack groceries around him in the base of the cart? load up the basket of the stroller with eggs and milk? Only shop with a buddy? Use one of those grungy pre-seated carts? None of these seem ideal.

Help me out here. Do you prop the bucket seat up on the cart? Will you now? What’s the best alternative?

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