Changing Table Bliss

changing table bliss

As much as I loved the newborn stage of Tate’s life, it was difficult because I really could only put Tate down if he was deeply asleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love snuggling with the babe, but as I am in the throws of a cross country move, being tied to the baby would have made my effectiveness quotient nearly zero.

I am sort of in love with the independence he has recently gained. We have just started to notice that Tate is especially happy on his changing table. I am not sure what he likes so much about it – and frankly I don’t care. He will lay on it for what feels like hours ( but is probably closer to 30-40 minutes) taking in the goings on and kicking his little legs, and even smiling a little bit. And I can finally get a few things done!

When did you notice your baby being more independent? Did you find any particular situation that made that made your baby more happy to hang on their own?