Changing Time Zones With A Baby

Traveling three hours ahead!

One of the toughest parts of living in Seattle is that our families live so far away.  Not only does this mean we’re on our own our in the Pacific Northwest, but it means that we have to carefully plan vacations and holidays in order to maximize our time together as much as possible.

We try to see our families every few months either them coming out west, or the three of us packing up and heading across the country.  Both of our families live in the Eastern time zone, which means taking Cullen three hours ahead each time we visit.

When we first started flying with Cullen, our hope was to just keep him on Pacific time while we were out East.  We’d let him stay up late, and then we’d all (hopefully) sleep in a few extra hours in the morning.  Are you laughing yet?  As you experienced parents know, babies decide their own schedules and sleep patterns, and trying to force it any other way just doesn’t work.

This week we traveled to Georgia with our family.  Again, our hope was that Cullen would stay on a similar schedule to back home, but previous travel experiences had me knowing we’d just go with the flow no matter what happened.  Night number one, Cullen switched himself right over to Eastern time.  It must be something about their natural rhythms and the way their bodies respond to the sunrise and sunset, because he had no problem adjusting to the three hour time change right away.

We’re headed home now, and I’m hoping the switch back to Pacific time is just as seamless.  Wishful thinking!