Cheap Gas, Check. Petting Zoo?


gas pump cute sheepGas Buddy is the best way to find cheap gas. I never use it because I never remember to use it, but my husband loves it almost as much as he loves me. It’s best used on a smart phone that knows where you are, so it can tell you where the cheapest gas is located around you. It’s a great way to avoid the whole ‘circling around on empty while praying you don’t run out completely’ technique.We have a diesel car which makes it hard to find gas at all, let alone cheap gas, so this is a really useful tool.

If you drive a lot, or you’re going on a road trip with the baby, this is a great tool to use. Now if only they made an application to find other stuff we need for babies and young kids on a road trip. How about:

Clean family friendly bathrooms Buddy?

Coffee that doesn’t suck Buddy?

Scratch-free copy of Sesame Street DVD Buddy?

Hitchhiking babysitters Buddy?

Petting zoo Buddy?

Binkies R Us Buddy?

Child Friendfinder Buddy?

This would make life on the road a whole lot easier.

What ‘buddies’ would you like to see on the road?