Christmas Milk: How a Foster Child Inspired a Brand


Christmas_Milk_imageAdoptive parents Heidi and Shane Fausel hit a dilemma the first year with their newly arrived 8-year-old son. He wanted Christmas Milk. They had no idea what he meant. They offered their son a number of different drinks until they hit the right one. Eggnog, it turns out, is Christmas Milk. A few years later, with the same, now adopted son, the family created a line of eggnog named “Christmas Milk.” Isn’t that such a sweet story?

Listed by Adopted Families as a company that gives back (PR says about 10% a year), Christmas Milk eggnog and a variety of ice cream flavors can be found in your local Albertson’s, Piggly Wiggly, Rouses, Market Street, Kroger, Central Market, and Pete’s Fresh Market. Have you seen it yet?

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