Circumcision Rate Down Slightly In US Hospitals

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Did you have your boys circumcised? If you answered no, you’re among a new trend happening in the United States, where, according to an article I read last week, the rate of newborn boys being circumcised in the US is down slightly over the last ten years.

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According to the article, incidences of infant male circumcision, which reached 62.5% in 1999, is down to as low as 55% today.

The study wasn’t able to find a definitive reason why rates of the elective surgery had gone down, but they suspected it could have something to do with many state Medicaid plans not covering the procedure, according to agency spokesman Scott Bryan.

“In fact, a recent study found that, after controlling for other factors, hospitals in states in which Medicaid covers routine male circumcision had circumcision rates that were 24 percentage points higher than hospitals in states without such coverage,” Bryan said.

Of course there are many other reasons for and against having your baby boy circumcised, so I’m curious. Did you have your boys circumcised? What were the reasons behind your decision?


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