Close But No Cigar! Woman Gives Birth on Sidewalk…Outside of Hospital

Newborn baby
Not every woman who wants to give birth in a hospital actually gets to do it

It’s one thing to give birth on a plane, or at home, or even in the car on the way to the hospital. In those cases you kind of probably know you’re never going to make it there anyway.

But one woman was so close. So close!

Elissa Simonson were walking up the sidewalk to the hospital when she realized she just couldn’t take another step, according to UPI (via KARE-TV, Minneapolis). So she did what she had to do (or had no choice to do, really) right then and there.

“I remember onlookers, and I remember thinking ‘Hey, I gotta keep my jacket here for some kind of privacy,'” Simonson said to the TV station. “There’s guys walking on the sidewalk, and then she was just there. It boggles my mind.”

Her husband ran inside for help, but the baby was born before he came back a minute later!

Baby McKenna Rose weighed just over 5 pounds. And she’s an eager beaver. Well, she’s a baby, but boy, was she ever eager to get out.

Elissa has a good attitude about the fact that her husband missed the birth of their daughter, and that something might have gone wrong. You know, out there on the sidewalk.

“Thinking back, it could’ve been something scary but being able to be there, just us two, it was pretty special,” she said.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons