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Cloth Diapers, One Month Later.

By caseymullins |

Proof Cloth is Cuter.

Just over a month ago I made the big switch to cloth diapers. There has certainly been a learning curve and a few unseen snafus, but for the most part? I’m really happy with them. I’ve been using BumGenius 4.0 (pocket) diapers with the microfiber inserts and just started using Flip diapers last week, alternating between the organic cotton inserts or the the disposable inserts when we’re out in public and poop hasn’t happened for the day.

Yeah, I’ll admit it, I’m a little high-maintenance when it comes to poop in cloth diapers. You betcha I’m going to make the process as easy on myself as possible. The Flip disposable inserts is one of the two poop-ease methods I employ.

The second poop-ease method are flushable diaper liners. You know those flushable wipes they give you in the hospital for *ehem* personal care? They’re very similar to those. They don’t keep the underlying diaper spotless but they contain the major stuff really well. I’ll use one flushable moist wipe (a staple when you have a smaller potty-trained child around) to get a majority of the gook and then finish up with flannel wipes. Once she’s all fresh and clean, I dump the liner and the wipe into the toilet never to be seen or smelled again and put the diaper in the pail. You can reuse the liners once or twice if they were never actually pooped on by washing them with your diapers and air drying them.

Another benefit to the Flip diapers that I’m discovering is that they are much more trim than the pocket diapers. Regular pants don’t fit chubby babies in cloth diapers. You know that scene in A Christmas Story where the little kid is in the wool snowsuit unable to move any of his limbs? Yeah, that’s Vivi in a cloth diaper in regular pants. Not a huge deal, she’ll just have to wear very stretchy pants for a few more months. I know I wouldn’t hate it if I never had to wear jeans again. (She actually went up a size even in stretchy pants upon switching to cloth … just something to be aware of.)

The last issue I’ve run into is the dreaded smell. The adjective that best describes it? Barnyard. I never thought people would have more opinions on how to clean cloth diapers than they do on pregnancy, birthing and breastfeeding COMBINED. You’re going to have to do a little research, find out what it is that’s making the smell linger in your situation and find the best way to fix it. Special thanks to my friend Heather over at Home Ec 101 for teaching me the science behind laundry … it has made all the difference. (My issue is super hard water and an HE washing machine. A cold wash cycle to remove residual protein, followed with a hot, heavy duty cycle with liquid detergent (ECOS) with a half cup of Borax followed with an extra rinse seems to be working for me so far. I had to spend an entire day stripping my diapers with hot wash cycles and Borax, the amount of detergent they had stored up was shocking considering I don’t use much at all.)

I feel like after such an intense and unsuccessful breastfeeding attempt,  being able to figure out the finer points of cloth diapering is sort of healing over the disappointment of breastfeeding not working out. That may sound dumb to some of you, but it makes perfect sense to me.

What are your cloth diapering secrets?

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10 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers, One Month Later.

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve been cloth diapering for almost 9 years. I can not recommend enough to get a diaper sprayer. It makes the poop SO much easier to deal with.
    Also, write out your washing process and post it by the washing machine. That way if someone else has to wash your diapers (heaven forbid!) they won’t get washed in the wrong way and end up stinking to high heaven.
    One more thing…if you have pocket diapers with fleece wash them separately from the liners. This will keep them buttery soft. When the fleece gets washed with cotton, that is when they pill and aren’t nearly as soft.
    I’ve tried every type of diaper out there – prefold, fitted, AIO, pocket, and have my favorites. You will too.
    So glad you made the switch! Welcome to the world of big baby bums! :)

  2. Laura says:

    I have super hard water too, with an HE machine. I do a cold rinse on mine, then hot heavy duty with Soapnuts, which I definitely recommend… absolutely no detergent build up!

  3. Kate says:

    I LOVE cloth diapering! I began just over a month ago as well, although I went the opposite as you– I started with Flips, introduced some Grovia AI2s, purchased my first BG 4.0 (artist series, swoon!), and just ordered 6 more yesterday. I didn’t realize you could reuse the liners if they are poop-free, good to know! I also didn’t realize that washing the BGs separate from the cotton inserts would preserve the fleece better.. once I get our 6 new BGs, I’ll have to start doing that. Right now, it would be a serious waste of water to wash our one pocket diaper separately, lol.

  4. Jeanine Gordon - Cottonkind says:

    Good for you for trying cloth and glad to hear that it’s going so well! I find pocket diapers to be pretty bulky too. Have you tried Fitted Diapers? You’ll need a both a Fitted Diaper and a separate Cover but I find them to be much trimmer than Pockets. They are also more affordable and last longer, since you don’t need to wash (and wear out) the cover as often. Might be worth checking out! Good luck!

  5. Jamethiel says:

    I am so on the same page with you as far as breastfeeding v. cloth diapering! I was only able to breastfeed for three month & I never did have it “figured out.” But I am so happy we finally figured out cloth diapering! I use the BumGenius too (found in great deals on Craigslist!) and we clean with Ecos, then run an extra cold rinse with a 1./4 cut of vinegar-works wonders for getting the smell out! We also drip a few drops of tea tree oil in our diaper pail every day or so, then let it air out outside on laundry day. During the summer our son could go an entire day just in his diapers (if we didn’t go out!) because his diapers were more than a cute enough outfit…and it saved on laundry!

  6. Jamie (@chosenchaos) says:

    Makes perfect sense to me and I won’t even think about a cloth diaper. I’ve got two butts to keep clean over here.

  7. Michelle says:

    Get a diaper sprayer!!! You will not fear poop again. So so so easy,promise! And after I failed at breastfeeding too, I completely understand how this sort of makes up for it. I put so much effort into cloth diapering because I feel like I have extra effort to give that I wasn’t able to give by breastfeeding. Hard to explain, but I understand.

  8. Ohh Betsy! says:

    Oh man, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. It’s just a big commitment times two.

  9. Mandy S says:

    Oooh – glad to read the tip on washing covers and inserts separately! My little one is 3 months old, and I have noticed some pilling on some of her BG 4.0s – will give this a try!

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