Code Brown! Newborn Lets Loose Resulting in Greatest Family Portrait Ever [PHOTO]

Image courtesy of Alisa Sue Photography/Sean Pukajlo
Image courtesy of Alisa Sue Photography/Sean Pukajlo

I can’t count the awesome in this photo because it is everywhere, but I’m going to try.

Mom, of course, tries to catch the poop in her hands. Because it’s so easy to catch baby poop, right?

It works about as well as when your toddler pukes when you’re in line at the grocery store and you try to catch it in your hands.

Take it from me, it doesn’t work.

Dad just closes his eyes and laughs because Ew, poop! Is it gone yet? Can I open my eyes?

The dog’s face. He’s like, Seriously? This is my life now? I can’t poop in the house but you hold that thing’s messes? Take it back!

And is it just me or is the baby smirking?

Yeah, she’s totally smirking.

Well played, kid. Well played.

Image used with permission from Alisa Sue Photography

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