Cold Turkey-ing the Swaddle


My womb must be the safest most comfortable and secure place on the entire planet because Addie slept swaddled until her first birthday and it certainly looks like Vivi is following in her sister’s footsteps. Things were a little more difficult with Addie since there weren’t as many huge swaddling blankets readily available (most of hers were flannel) and there certainly wasn’t the Woombie on the scene. I could burrito wrap that child so well she wouldn’t wriggle all night, and man, that kid slept good. I don’t remember how we broke Addie off the swaddle but I remember it just becoming a non-issue, maybe once she started crawling.

Vivi on the other hand sleeps quite happily in her straightjacket Woombie for naps and at night. She has quite a bit of mobility in them considering we find her upside down and sideways most mornings. She can still get her little paws to her mouth (albeit covered with fabric) but she certainly doesn’t startle awake as easily all snug in her sleeping bag. I’m not horribly concerned with stopping the swaddle, she still has plenty of room in her bags and it really is a safe way for her to sleep, I just wonder how many other babies out there are coming up on the last quarter of their first year still snug as a bug in a swaddling blanket.

It’s situations like this were the age gap between these girls gets me. I honestly don’t remember how we broke Addie of the swaddle. It obviously wasn’t a huge deal or I’d remember it. Or perhaps it was so horrible that I’ve blocked it from memory. Either way, I take comfort in the fact that I don’t have to swaddle my now seven year old so somewhere along the line she grew out of it. I’m not even sure how one would go about tapering a baby off the swaddle, it’s kind of a all-or-nothing, cold turkey deal isn’t it?

To those of you fresh from the trenches of the swaddle … how did you get out?

P.S. Swaddle starts to look and sound really funny after about seven minutes. Swaaaaahhhdddlllleeee ….

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