So after 9 months of pregnancy, the moment you’ve been anticipating has finally come and gone. You survived labor, held your beautiful baby for the first time and were sent out into the world with your brand new family member. Except : now what? After all of the research and preparation for pregnancy and labor, you might feel as though you’ve been studying for the wrong test. We know you might be a bit overwhelmed and confused, so we’ve broken down everything you might be concerned about during those first four weeks of your baby’s life. You can check out our Newborn Care Guide for specific week-by-week advice, but here are some general concerns you may have throughout the first month:

Baby’s Health and Well-being

Mom’s Health and Well-Being

You knew there would be crying, feeding and diaper changes (although the around-the-clock realization might have been a shock), but did you ever expect to feel so sore, moody and overwhelmed? Going through labor and suddenly being thrust into this brand new lifestyle is monumental, both physically and emotionally. Again, you can check in with our Newborn Care Guide for advice tailored to each specific week, but here are the issues that you might need advice, comfort and reassurance about:


Even beyond sleeplessness and the contents of your baby’s diaper, the topic of feeding tends to be the biggest concern of new parents. Whether you’re nursing or giving your baby formula, understand that this is a learning period for everyone involved – especially you. Perhaps breastfeeding doesn’t feel as natural as you imagined, or the process of making and warming formula is much more time consuming than you thought. Maybe you always imagined you’d breastfeed and are now faced with the unfamiliar world of formula. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you through this – and we promise it will get easier before you know it:

Sleep and Swaddling

Let’s be honest here: There’s not a lot of sleeping going on. Well, actually, your baby is sleeping a lot – just not at once. It’s completely normal for your baby to be up every hour or two around the clock, and there’s really no way you can possibly establish a schedule yet. While everything about your baby will evolve over the course of this year, his or her sleep patterns will especially transform drastically from month to month. Our Newborn Care Guide provides advice for each newborn week, but here is what you should know generally about your baby’s first month of sleeping:

Crying, Colic and Soothing Techniques

It’s no secret that babies cry, yet it can be much more distressing when it’s your own little baby wailing and you have no idea what to do. You’ll eventually get to know what soothes your little one (every baby is different), so all you can do at this stage is immediately respond to your baby and try to figure out exactly what’s wrong:

Developmental Milestones and Play

There’s something truly incredible about being able to watch our species develop from the first moment of life on, and to see our babies experience everything for the very first time. Your face, the carpet, a blanket – these are all brand new experiences that your baby is absorbing. So while you won’t be able to play catch – or even share a laugh – just yet, you’ll still see enormous changes in these first 30 days:


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    Since its my first baby i want to learn more. Your site is a good help for a first time mom like me. Thanks

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    My baby has cough and cattarh.

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    my baby is 10 month she’s vomiting & her stool is white & it symptom of teeting?

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    am so afraid i could be pregnant four months after birth,though i have not seen my period and my husband came into me today.cos i allowed it. Could i be pregnant?

  9. JJ says:

    Hi i dont knw much bt the stools being white cud b something to do with liver of baby bt only if its like chalk white bt hope its not that id take my lo to docters just to make sure cuz the colour of stool is a big concern and the vomiting ofcause bt hope baby gets better

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    My 6 month old is teething,she has cold and cattarh and hasn’t bn feeding well
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  16. My baby 4months and two weeks, he can roll over, pulling up, but he can’t sit without support. He can grab things and try to put in the mouth. He can only smile but not laughing, he blow bubbles a lot, yet he doesn’t recognize her name

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    am a working lady and i breast feed my baby only at night but he has not yet seated yet he’s now 5 months ,what could be the problem?

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    My 4 months old baby is very active. feeds only on breast milk. Could d breast milk be the cause?

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    Are you bottle or breast feeding?

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