Conversations With Fern and Marley

Conversations With Fern and MarleySometimes when you’re a mom, you do silly things like make up conversations between your dog and your baby.

Yeah…that totally happened.

But, how could I help myself? They’re both so darn cute and kind of obsessed with each other, so they make for perfect photo opps and accompanying stories.

So, obviously I had to make an entire slideshow of their conversations. Yeah…I’m totally that mom. But, seriously, check out this cuteness!

  • “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me.” 1 of 13
    "I always feel like, somebody's watching me."
    Marley looks like a total creeper in this picture from Fern's newborn photo shoot. Cute, but a creeper nonetheless.
  • “This doesn’t smell like a burrito!” 2 of 13
    "This doesn't smell like a burrito!"
    Upon their first introduction after bringing Fern home from the birthing center, Marley wasn't quite sure what to think. She paced a lot every time Fern would cry, but she quickly warmed up to her...even if she was slightly disappointed that we brought her a baby instead of a burrito.
  • “No, I love YOU more!” 3 of 13
    "No, I love YOU more!"
    "No, no...I love YOU more!" Such a little love fest going on here.
  • “Quick! Let’s escape from here! Never surrender to bath time!” 4 of 13
    "Quick! Let's escape from here! Never surrender to bath time!"
    This was during one of Fern's first baths - she always took showers with me before that - and Marley was super concerned about why she was hanging out in the water like that. She paced back and forth for the entirety of bath time.
  • “Hey guys, I think she’s broken. She can’t even play fetch!” 5 of 13
    "Hey guys, I think she's broken. She can't even play fetch!"
    Fetch is Marley's favorite and unfortunately she doesn't understand why Fern can't play the game with her yet. One day Marley. One day.
  • “Oh good. I’m finally at a safe distance” 6 of 13
    "Oh good. I'm finally at a safe distance"
    Marley keeps herself just out of range while Fern plots how she can make it from Point A to Point B during her pre-crawling days.
  • “I want to go to there.” 7 of 13
    "I want to go to there."
    When Marley is having outside time, Fern will stare at her longingly trying to figure out how she can get to where Marley is.
  • “I’m gonna git you!” 8 of 13
    "I'm gonna git you!"
    This photo was taken when Fern was just learning how to crawl and Marley has been getting pestered every day since.
  • “Squirrel!” 9 of 13
    Squirrel watching is one of Marley's favorite past times and she has passed on this love to her human sibling.
  • “Dad! She’s eating all my snacks!” 10 of 13
    "Dad! She's eating all my snacks!"
    Marley's favorite past time is camping out under Fern's high chair when she's practicing with finger foods, and every once in awhile when no one is looking she'll sneak a bite from Fern's high chair tray. Apparently Fern was not amused and was telling Daddy all about it.
  • “So embarrassing!” 11 of 13
    "So embarrassing!"
    I love how Fern looks totally happy and Marley is looking on at the ridiculousness of those Nacho Libre tights. Haha!
  • “Oh my! What big ears you have!” 12 of 13
    "Oh my! What big ears you have!"
    Apparently Marley's ears are a pretty exciting discovery in Fern's eyes. Not sure Marley is too keen on this discovery though, but at least she's patient.
  • “Zzzzzz…” 13 of 13
    Fern is dreaming of boobs and Marley is dreaming of bones.


Lauren Hartmann is the founder of The Little Things We Do, a blog about life and adventures in Portland Oregon. Follow her on TwitterFacebookPinterest and Instagram or catch up on all of her posts here on Babble.

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