Cool, Summertime Treats


If you live anywhere that is having a true Summer, no doubt your babies are hot.

Even with air conditioning, Evie is sooo warm all the time. We dress her down and she’s often playing in a diaper cover and light shirt.

Here are some Summertime treats for babies:

• Homemade Frozen Yogurt: Grab a healthy, full-fat yogurt and put it in your ice-cream maker.

• Cool Watermelon: If baby is too young to chew pieces, try putting pieces in a Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder.

• Fresh Apple Juice Popsicle: Juice your own or buy 100% apple juice and freeze in popsicle molds. You can also freeze juice in ice cube molds and pop them in the Munchkin feeder. It’s a messy ordeal, so go outside for some fresh air, sit in the shade and let baby get messy.

• Frozen banana: Have you ever tried a frozen banana on it’s own? Tastes like ice cream! You can mash it up for younger babies.

What are your favorite summertime treats for babies? Would love to hear!  Have a great summer!

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