Crib Gymnastics


Today Vivi’s big sister begins Gymnastics. It was only a matter of time until we settled on a good organized activity for her and today she starts on the long path to the Olympics. Vivi and I will be at the sidelines cheering her on through every flip, flop and back handspring. I mean, hopefully Vivi will be cheering, Addie’s school is far enough away from our house that coming home while she’s at class isn’t realistic; however her class is short enough that we won’t be able to do much as far as errands while Addie is tumbling.

It’s not a huge deal, we’ll adjust of course, the biggest issue is that Vivi’s crib gymnastics begin right as Addie’s real gymnastics end.

Perhaps your baby is skilled in crib gymnastics as well? You put them to bed one direction only to find them upside down and head first in the corner an hour later?

I have been watching Vivi through the video monitor lately when I put her down for naps. I lay her down with her head in a Southeasterly direction only to find her asleep pointing due West and when I go in to get her noggin is North. This is especially impressive given that she is swaddled up nice and snug in her Woombie. So in my daily observances of her I’ve noticed that as soon as I leave the room she rolls over enough to dig her little feet between the crib slats and then scoots around like a spirited butterbean until her furry little head is resting against the bars. I’m not sure why chooses to sleep facing South, perhaps it’s all the scooting that uses up those final few fumes.

I can see why crib bumpers are a big no-no these days, It would be very easy for her to snoozle her face right up between the fluffy bumper and her mattress and fall asleep that way, even though I’m sure there are times her crib rails were a little more fluffy and a little less oak.

Who knew I’d give birth to two girls with a natural ability for gymnastics both on the mat and on in the crib.

How’s your baby’s snoozetime somersaults coming along?