Cullen's New Favorite Activity (VIDEO)

Throwing books is just as fun as reading them, right?

I’m always a little envious when I hear other moms talking about how much their baby loves books.  Books are some of the first gifts any new mom receives – board books, plush books, soft fuzzy books, and classic storybooks.  As a pregnant mom-to-be, I had so many visions of me and my son rocking peacefully as I read him bedtime stories each night.  As it turns out, we do  plenty of rocking, but my little guy has no interest in the stories.

Now don’t get me wrong.  He LOVES books!  Loves eating them, throwing them, and banging on them.  His new favorite activity is to knock his books out of his little bookshelves.  It provides hours of entertainment, as I restock the bookshelf over and over and over again.  Watch the video below!

(Please ignore my obnoxious cheering…)

I spent half the time restocking the bookshelf, and the other half trying to make sure he doesn’t bang his forehead into the corner of the shelves.  I’m considering wrapping it in foam until his balance is a little more well developed.  He may not love stories just yet, but at least we’ve found a use for them until he does.