Date Night Fail


MartiniMy neighbor and I came up with this excellent plan. Once a month, we babysit for each other’s kids after bedtime so we can each enjoy a date night without the added stress of paying for a sitter. Our first one was tonight. T put the Shnook to bed. He’s usually the wild card and it can sometimes take him a while to fall asleep, but tonight it was no problem. The Fuzz is usually asleep by 8 or 8:30, but lately I’ve noticed he seems tired earlier so I tried to put him down around 7 since T is not working this week. I’m trying to take advantage of the extra help to change the schedule and hopefully get both kids to bed earlier. It hasn’t been working out so much, especially tonight.

The Fuzz will go to sleep but then wake up after one 40-minute sleep cycle. Tonight he was completely awake before we left. He was Mr. Charming-Super-Smiley-Guy too. He wasn’t even acting tired. At least he wasn’t fussy. I ended up just handing him over to my neighbor with a bottle at the ready. I figured he’d pass out right after we left, especially since he’d been eating for like an hour. When we returned, I heard Fuzz’s wails in the background as she casually went through the events of the evening.

“Yeah, first he went down for about twenty minutes, then he woke up and had a really hard time going back down, so I put him in the swing. He fell asleep in there for about 10 minutes, then woke up again. I tried to give him the bottle but he wasn’t hungry. I swaddled him and he fell asleep on me for twenty minutes, but as soon as I transferred him he woke up…”

She continued the play-by-play as it occurred while we were enjoying a nightcap at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. I ended up giving him the bottle since I didn’t want to waste all that milk.. He’s still awake, actually. T is in the bedroom trying to get him down right now. I feel a little guilty. Tomorrow night I babysit for her kids who put themselves to bed at 8pm and supposedly go down for the whole night.

I almost feel like I should pay her.

Have you ever come home to a babysitting report like this for your baby?

Photo Credit:  Flickr/Wickenden