Daylight Savings Is Messing With Our Schedule

When is naptime?

Ever since the dreaded four month sleep regression, I’ve been working hard to get our household running on more of a set schedule.  I know you can’t really expect a baby to do things “by the clock,” and of course life happens and we slip up here and there.  But more often than not, we work our days around a sleeping/playing/eating schedule that has been working really well for Cullen.

Until this morning.

Recently he’s been waking up between 6 and 7am, and I try to do his first feeding as close to 7 as possible.  From there, I feed him every three hours so that the last feeding lines up well with his bedtime.  As far as naps go, we’re working on trying to get him back down for a morning nap around 9am, and he usually dictates where the rest of them fall after that.  He’s still tiny enough that he wants to sleep every two hours or so.

But this morning he was up at 5:15am, and I felt all thrown off.  Was it 5:15, or was it 6:15?  When 7am rolled around, he didn’t really seem hungry, but the clock already read 8am because we have sprung forward.

I have a feeling we’re just going to be off for a few days before we find our mojo again.  In the meantime, I’ll have to pay extra close attention to his cues and signals since the clock won’t be quite as reliable.

As far as bedtime goes, I’m not sure if I should put him down at his usually 6pm-ish (which will only feel like 5pm to him), or if I should try to push him to 7pm (which is the “real” 6pm according to his internal clock).

I’m happy to have the extra hours of sunlight, especially in a dreary city like Seattle, but having a baby sure does make everything just a little bit more complicated.

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