Daylight Savings Time 2011: A Guide For The Family

It's Time To Spring Ahead!

Hoo boy! It’s finally here. Daylight Savings Time. Lighter later. Yay!

It’s tough to embark on parenthood in the first dreary months of the year. I gave birth to my daughter in January and it was so hard to stay inside, cooped up all day long.   In desperation, I ended up taking her to the mall ever single day just so we could walk around.

I am already dying to load up the stroller and hit the park every day.  Now that we FINALLY get to spring forward this Sunday, it will now be lighter later.

This Sunday morning at 2 a.m., Daylight Savings Time begins. This means that all clocks that don’t automatically switch over will have to be manually moved ahead one hour.

Although I’m dying for the extra sunshine, it  does worry me as far as putting Violet to bed.  But I can always close the blinds and draw the curtains, just like I do for her nap.

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So don’t forget to spring forward an hour this Sunday or you’ll be late for work.  You’ll lose an hour of sleep, sure, but it’s worth it to get an extra hour of daylight. You know, the perfect time to throw the kids in bed, hit the patio with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the sunset.

Can you tell I am sick of winter? Just a little bit.