Dear Laundry, I Hate You.

i hate you laundry
There is no app for doing laundry!

I am beginning to think the death of me is not going to be from postnatal insomnia, but from laundry. I don’t know how necessarily laundry would kill me – but as evil as it is, I am sure it would find a way.

Adding our fourth child has only added to this wash crisis! Growing from a family of 5 to a family of 6 is causing about 12 loads of wash  a week. 12 loads people!

The bibs, burp rags, clothes and misc that a baby requires is daunting. And of course if you don’t keep up with the baby’s things you pay.  There really is no reusing of burp cloths or bibs, though I do admit to using paper towels, bath towels and baby blankets when needed.

And yes, I’ve checked. There is no app that will do my laundry.

So here is where I ask for your help! No, I am not asking you to come over and get in on the laundry folding action…

Tell me: How Do You Keep Up With Your Family’s Laundry?


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