Did You Ever Have Baby Fever?


baby wolfOh, baby fever.

Your biological clock starts ticking and suddenly all you think about are babies, babies, babies.  Everywhere you look you notice them.  A doe-eyed, blonde haired baby might even show up in your dreams. You begin to wonder what your baby might look like.  You fantasize about baby names and book mark cute nurseries for future reference. Your ovaries might begin to feel like they will explode any day.  It seems like nearly every woman around you either has one or is dying to get their hands on a bubbling baby of their own.

I’m not sure if I ever got baby fever.  I mean, sure, I dreamed about having a baby.  I wondered what my little boy or girl might look like.  I even had a list of baby names going. But when it came to obsessing over babies, I just wasn’t there.  Of course I had that driving desire to have a baby.  I knew I wanted a baby at some point in my life and I knew the time would just feel right.  And it was.

Ok, maybe I was in baby fever denial, but for me, it just felt like the right time.

Did you ever get baby fever?

{photo of my sweet Wolf by Leah Verwey}