Discovering The Great Outdoors

Discovering the beach with dad!

One of my favorite things about being a mom is watching my son discover new things.  It’s true what you always hear – even the simplest things become new and fresh again.

One of the things that most defines me individually is my absolute obsession with all things outdoors.  To me, there is nothing better than a sunny day spent outside by the water.

In Cullen’s short seven months, he has spent a good majority of his days outside.  I wasn’t the type of mom to coop my newborn up in the house and hide from germs and strangers.  Instead, I strapped him onto the front of me and we started walking and exploring from the very beginning.  

As he’s continued to grow and see the world around him, I’ve made a point to get him outside and into the fresh air as often as possible.  There is a common misconception that Seattle is always grey and wet.  While yes, it does definitely rain here, it is also absolutely beautiful through the summer months, and on a sunny day there is no place else I want to be.

If the sun is shining, you can bet that Cullen and I are either out for a run, walking along a trail, or playing in a park.  As much as I loved nature and the great outdoors before, I’m finding more and more reasons to appreciate it day by day.

Watching Cullen feel grass for the first time.  Seeing his face light up as waves crash on the shore of the lake.  Seeing him close his eyes and take a deep inhale when a big breeze comes along.

One of the biggest joys of parenting for me so far is watching Cullen learn to love that things that we love too.  And while of course I hope he develops his own interests and hobbies, I also love thinking about us all sharing interests as a family for years to come.