Do Babies Need Play Dates?


When I had my son two years ago, I didn’t know anyone else with a baby his age. In fact, he really didn’t get much interaction with other kids until he was about a year old.

I always worried that he was not getting enough time with other children before that.

Luckily, I have a good friend who had her baby six days after Kara was born. She and her family live in my town, so we can get together regularly to let our babies hang out.

At three-months-old, the babies do little more than look at each other, yet I can’t help but feel like getting the babies together is a good thing for their development. Not to mention, I love spending some time with another adult!

I am so happy knowing that Kara and her little friend, Samuel, will always be going through the same phases, and eventually will have a blast playing together. It also makes me a little sad that I didn’t have a little buddy for Evan when he was a baby.

Do you think it is important for small babies to have play dates? Did your baby have a playmate close to his or her age?

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