Parenting PSA: Do Not Smuggle Your Baby in a Bag While Traveling


parenting psaI know it’s Summer and I know it’s vacation time, but if the country you are visiting requires a visa or a passport for your baby and you do not have the correct documents, no matter how cute your baby is – your baby will be denied entry. Well, not having a visa wasn’t going to stop one couple from traveling to their destination.

File this under parenting fail. An Egyptian husband and wife flew into Sharjah International Airport but were denied entry because they did not have a visa for their baby boy. The airport allowed the couple to stay until the relevant office opened, but apparently waiting isn’t their game.

The couple devised a plan to get the baby through security. They waited for the airport’s shift change, stuck the baby in a bag and headed through security.  The security staff noticed an outline of a body on the screen as the baby in the bag went through the scanner.

The couple have been charged with endangering the life of the baby who could have been exposed to radiation. The pair reportedly wanted to return to the UAE because the mom was pregnant and wanted to give birth at home in Egypt.

My sister was traveling through India last year and ran into a similar situation in regards to visas. If you are traveling abroad, especially with your baby – know the laws ahead of time. And for the love of God and all things chocolate, please do not stick your baby in a bag and send him thru an airport scanner.

image source: gulfnews

Have You Ever Experienced Visa Issues While Traveling Abroad?