Do You Do Professional Photos?

I still look at his newborn pictures all the time!

Throughout Cullen’s first year (and my pregnancy, to some extent) we’ve worked hard to budget our baby-related expenses and not get too caught up in all the things every list, website, and book tells you you should do.  We’ve tried to stick to basics and spend less on things like clothes and toys.  We’ve splurged in some other areas like nursery furniture, in hopes that what we have will last through several more kids.


One thing I’ve struggled to budget (and justify) is professional photography.  We have a pretty nice family camera, although I’m an amateur photographer at best.  But I take no less than about 1,000 pictures each month, so somewhere in all that shooting I usually end up with a few good keepsakes.

We did get professional newborn photos done when Cullen was just six days old, and I never regretted it for a minute.  Our photographer did an amazing job, and I never could have captured those first precious moments together as a family quite like she did.  Since then, I’ve just been snapping pictures each month myself, and while of course there are cute photos, there is just something about professional photography that can’t be captured as a novice.

I know a lot of families do photoshoots for the 3, 6, and 9 month milestones, as well as that all-important one year birthday.  I keep thinking this is something I’d like to do, and then hesitating at the price tag.  One of my main reasons for hesitation is not knowing if I’ll actually use the photos down the road once Cullen has grown and changed.

When Cullen was three months old, I thought he was the cutest baby anyone had ever laid eyes on.  Now I look back at those pictures, and while still cute, I can also see now that he sort of looked like an alien old man.  Now at seven months, I can’t imagine he could possibly get any cuter, and I’m itching to have our family captured in some nice photos.  But in another year he will look so different once again!

Do a lot of families get professional photos?  And if you do – how do you display them afterward? I’d love to come up with some creative ways to display his monthly pictures so that they don’t just seem like old pictures on the walls.  I imagine the biggest challenge of all is simply picking which ones to frame!