Do You Like Your Baby Monitor?

double chin baby
Who needs monitoring?

So, I’ve mentioned before that my husband is developing a baby monitor that measures respiration. It’s still in the prototype phase and looks like a big scary black box. Not so user friendly. Currently, it doesn’t do anything else other than the respiration measurements. It doesn’t have an audio monitor component, although he will add one.  I guess it’s funny but we don’t have any other baby monitor. We always considered our house to be too small to need one. Except when I’m in the kitchen running water, I can pretty much hear Fuzz when he sniffles loudly,  let alone the cries, so I guess it’s not really necessary.

However, I realized that when Fuzz is sleeping, I am often in the kitchen doing dishes or other such domestic tasks. So, it might be nice to have something. I also wouldn’t mind having one that worked outside so I can do some writing in the backyard if the weather is nice –I live in Southern California, so this is a strong possibility, even in January.

Then, there’s Vermont– where we live in the summer. Our cabin itself is tiny, but at night we almost always make a campfire outside and chat with friends, or go outside to garden during the daytime nap. Last summer it was tough to hear if Shnook was waking up. Once, I walked into the cabin to find him wandering around and playing with his toys. Oops.

So if I were to invest in a monitor, since ours won’t be ready for a while, which ones do you think are worth it? I’d like one with quite a bit of range, if possible.