Do You Take Your Baby Trick-or-Treating?


iStock_000002832582XSmallI’ve loved Halloween my whole life, but especially now that I have kids. This past weekend, we decked out the house with pumpkins and bats and candy corn lights. The kids started sketching what faces they’d like on their jack-o’-lanterns. And of course, we have been busy planning our costumes. This year, the big kids made some pretty generic choices (princess and super hero), but I’m still brainstorming the baby’s costume. I want it to be cute, but more importantly, it has to be something he can comfortably wear in the ergo carrier as we weave through our neighborhood going trick-or-treating, so a lot of those big bunting suits are out. They’d just be too big, hot, and bulky.

Thinking about the details of his costume got me thinking about another logistic — am I really taking my baby trick-or-treating? That is, should I carry a bag for his candy, too? During my first baby’s first Halloween, I parked it on my stoop with baby wrapped up in a blanket and happily passed out candy to other kids.

But when my second baby’s first Halloween rolled around, I put him in the carrier to head out for trick-or-treating, and my two-year-old daughter insisted I bring a bag for the baby’s candy. I playacted her and brought one along, thinking it would be empty and tucked in my pocket … but sure enough, adoring neighbors pressed candy bars into my hand as they ooohed and aaaahed over my little guy.

Looking back, I still think it’s odd. I tried to say “no thank you,” but the neighbors just wanted so badly to give candy to all the kids, and I guess they thought an infant counted? I ended up being glad I brought him his own bag to hold all his loot. So maybe I’ll do it again this year?

What are you planning to do with your baby this Halloween? Will you take him/her trick-or-treating?

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