Do You "TextFeed?"

newborn baby
Fuzz, when Textfeeding was still an option

It took me a while to get used to breastfeeding. For the first couple of months, I needed to put on my special pillow, prop my feet up on my nursing stool, have one hand under the baby, and the other hand on my boob to make sure he latched properly. I didn’t really have a free hand to do anything. Eventually, I learned to let go of at least one hand, so I could use the other one for eating a sandwich, or writing an e-mail, a text, or just clicking through facebook statuses. This is called “textfeeding” *

It was really the only time I could do that in the beginning, since I would try to sleep when Fuzz was sleeping during the day, and I definitely was too beat at night, after I did my writing.

Then, when Fuzz got a little older, he got a bit wiser as well. He didn’t really like it when my attention was turned toward the computer and not focused on his cute face during our entire nursing session.

Dude. Really? We nurse for ten hours a day. I really have to stare at you the whole time? For the most part, I still tried to get away with doing a little bit of computing occasionally during nursing sessions since this was the only time all day I got to sit down. Meanwhile, his hand would reach out and grab the keyboard or my phone. Hmm, in retrospect this could be why my ‘control’ key is missing.

Do you engage in “textfeeding?” Does your baby let you check your e-mail while feeding? Do you think this is outrageous? Would you only stare at your baby while nursing?  What else can one do? I don’t really watch television.

*I call this “textfeeding.” Others may just call it “using your phone or computer while nursing.”