Do You Wear Your Baby?


The husband thinks I’m a nut but every time we go anywhere I don’t want to bring the carriage. I want to “wear” the baby.

I’m not quite sure why I’m so obsessed with baby wearing. It just seems like the right thing to do. I just don’t like seeing my little 6lb Evan in the car seat or carriage. The 5 point seat belts are bigger than him, he has no head control and he just looks SO uncomfortable. When I wear him he seems to be in a more upright natural position and I love having him so close.

I’m not an expert on baby wearing, it just seems like a great way to carry baby while being functional but finding this list on convinced me even more that it’s a great thing to do. According to them, Carried babies…

  • learn more – not over stimulated, but calm and alert, which is the optimum state for nervous system development
  • are allowed their necessary period of exterogestation which is often overlooked (click to read The Best Place After the Womb: Exterior Gestation and the Need to Be Held)
  • become independent faster – when your baby feels loved and cared for then they are confident and trust that you will be there to meet their needs (American Anthropologist research)
  • regulate their own physical responses – better motor skills, coordination, and sense of balance from observing you and listening to you (read researchon PubMed)
  • are calmer – when you are close to your baby and can quickly respond to all of her needs there is no reason to be cranky!
  • cry less – less stress hormones from crying means your baby is happier and more peaceful (read The American Academy of Pediatrics’ research)
  • get a better view of the world – babies pushed in strollers or in car seats only get to see the adult world at knee-level
  • sleep better – babies fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time (Harvard University research)

With baby #1 I never found a wrap style carrier that I liked so I ended up using the Hip Hammock. It was awesome and I wore Ryan whenever I could. Now I can honestly say he’s now a very independent 5 year old. Probably too independent for his own good. 😉

With baby #2 being so small I feel it’s even more important to carry him. So I went on a hunt for a wrap style carrier that would work for us. I’m happy to say I FINALLY found one! It’s called the Sleepy Wrap, click here to check it out. In all honesty, all the Sleepy Wrap is just a long piece of stretchy fabric. But I find the instructions easy to follow making it a cinch to put on and easy to get the baby in. oh! and I can do it alone. A must feature for this independent mom.

Am I the only “nutty” mom who enjoys wearing her baby? Have you tried it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!