Documenting the Second Child


One of the concerns I had when deciding if I wanted another child was whether or not I’d approach motherhood with the same gusto. With my first I documented everything. I have videos, photos, calenders, even a blog of his first year all written from his point of view. With baby number one everything was new and exciting. It was easy to get caught up and have have fun documenting those first few years of life.

Doesn’t baby number 2 warrant the same level of interest and excitement?

Of course he does!

I made sure to have at least a few pregnancy shots taken so Little Bean will be able to see what he looked like in Moms belly.

I also kept a pregnancy video journal.

And every day I make sure to snap at least 1 or 2 photos.

I even went out of my way to take a few similar shots that I remembered taking of my first.

So I’m being just as nutty but I’m curious. Do you go out of your way photograph your second like you did your first?