Does Your Baby Have Boob Preference?

Arlo’s got right boob love.

A week ago I started to notice that Arlo only wanted to nurse on my right breast. Every time I put him on the left he would fuss, fight and refuse to latch but as soon as I switched sides, he’d happily nurse for as long as I let him. At first I thought it was a fluke, but as the days went by he kept up the same routine – refusing the left, happy on the right.

The only time I can convince him to nurse on my left side now is if I let him nurse on the right, get him good and sleepy and then change sides. I really am not sure what is causing it but it’s becoming obvious that my body is compensating because I’m now starting to get 3 or more ounces over and above what I can pump on my left. So now I have all kinds of questions….Does this mean I’m going to end up with crazy lopsided boobs? Will my milk supply in my left breast dry up if he never nurses on it? And most importantly, what is causing him to do this in the first place?

Anyone else out there have a similar problem? I’m a bit at a loss as to how to fix it!