Dog and Baby Love (Video)


There is nothing cuter than watching a dog and a baby interact with one another.We have two dogs and although it was an adjustment for them to get used to having a baby around, they warmed up to our first daughter pretty quickly. As she grew it was so sweet to watch their relationship grow. As soon as my daughter was mobile she loved to crawl over to get her hands on them. Lucky for us, they took to it very well and even paid her back in kisses all over her face. Even at two years old, my daughter is still entertained by their antics and loves to play with them. But what she loves most of all is the kisses that she gets from them.

When we brought Avery home from the hospital, the first thing that Toby, our Yorkie, wanted to do was lick her on the face. He is a VERY affectionate dog. Although I discouraged it because she was so little, I know the day will come when Toby does get a chance to shower Avery in kisses.

When I saw this video this morning on Jezebel, it reminded me of how my dogs play with my daughter.  It was just too cute not to share. Check out this adorable video of a little girl and her 10-month old puppy. It’s sure to put a smile on your face!


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