Slow it Down There Sister!


Most meals with Vivi are spent at the dining table, just the two of us. She likes to slam her sippy cup on the table then throw it to the floor scaring the crap out of the cats and our conversations are pretty one sided. Without someone to distract me with talk of the latest celebrity gossip or bore me with legal theory (hi Cody!) meals are pretty uneventful which leads me to woofing down my food way too fast. It’s a habit I picked up during my early years of parenting, eat fast or you don’t get to eat anything at all! But as I’ve been sharing more and more meals with my baby, I’ve learned I need to slow it down.

Yesterday Vivi and I were sharing an avocado. She’d take a bite, I’d take a bite, I’d offer her another bite but she still wasn’t done with her bite so I took another bite. Before I knew it my half of the avocado was gone and she was still relishing the first couple pieces of her half. Remember when you were a kid and you ate your favorite food noodle by noodle, crumb by crumb so you could make it last? I lost that somewhere along the way and I simply don’t stop and enjoy my food anymore. I eat to survive and I eat in record time so I can move on to the next pressing thing.

Vivi on the other hand treats every bite as a new surprise (sometimes a not so nice surprise, sorry about that baby) and actually enjoys the food I make her. Today I’ve committed to enjoying my food as much as Vivi does, to slow it down and chew. I don’t have anywhere to be except taking care of this baby. We may as well eat together and discuss the finer points of crawling vs. scooting rather than me licking my plate clean and staring at her waiting for her to finish already.

Are you guilty of the mom woof?

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