Eeek! I Forgot Birth Announcements! Am I Too Late?


I can’t believe this has completely slipped my mind. Avery is now close to being three months old and I have not ordered her birth announcements. I had my first daughter’s ordered right after we had her newborn photos done and they were sent out right away. This is yet another thing that I feel I’ve given Avery the short end of the stick because she is the second child.

With life being much like a juggling act right now, there are many things that I have forgotten to do and I hate that this just happens to be one of them. I have her newborn photos done and ready to go, I just haven’t spent the time to look for announcements that I like and order them.

I am not sure of the proper etiquette for when it is the right time to send birth announcements. I imagine it is as close to when they are born as possible. Avery looks completely different now than she did for her newborn photos, so if I did send them out now, do I use the photos from her newborn session (which I love) or do I send a more updated picture with them?

I woud really love to give her a proper introduction to all of our family and friends and I hate that I’ve waited this long.

So, what do you think? Am I too late?

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