Eight Months Old!

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Eight months old!

Cullen is eight months old today.  How did that happen?  It actually feels hard to remember when he was just an eight week old baby doll, and now he’s a gorgeous, happy eight month old chunky monkey.

This month has been all about mobility and personality.  He’s really starting to become his own little guy.  He has definite likes and dislikes, preferences and tastes.  For example, he absolutely hates his changing table.  Changing his diaper is a full body workout for both of us quite the wrestling match.

And don’t even THINK about trying to change his clothes.  You have never seen such a scene!  Back arching, tears streaming, legs thrashing it seems he got my flair for the dramatics.  I dreaaaaaad getting him dressed and I always try to trick Casey into taking that job when I can.  But Cullen just flashes that toothy grin and I forget all about it until bedtime.

On the mobility front, he’s been scooting and exploring for a few months now, but he’s really starting to kick it up a notch.  His crawl has gotten FAST, and he’s in such a rush to get around that he barely bothers to bend his knees anymore.  He runs across the floor doing a bear crawl.

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When he’s not crawling, he’s climbing.  This month he has finally discovered the stairs, which makes me incredibly nervous.  Luckily he’s shown no interest in going down quite yet, but he does like to crawl UP (with mommy anxiously hovering above him).

He literally cannot be left alone for a minute unless he’s in his high chair or jumperoo, because he’s always getting into something.  He pulls up on everything tables, windowsills, barstools nothing is too high or too heavy.

His new interest in climbing and standing has also led to a lot of bumps and bruises.  I’d say there is at least one major crash and subsequent hysteria every day.  He has no fear whatsoever.  Such a tough guy.

I can see a big change in his playing these days.  Everything still goes directly in the mouth, but he seems more methodical and curious about everything.  He has started taking puzzle pieces out, moving parts along wire toys, and bringing pieces together to make noise.

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Our biggest change this month has probably been with FOOD.  I’m planning to write a detailed post about it soon, but despite our rocky start with solids, he is now suddenly an eating monster.  He eats breakfast and dinner in the high chair each day, and some occasional snacks during the day.  We’ve tried a big variety of fruits, veggies, and more and we’re adding new foods to the list every day.  I’m having so much fun discovering his likes (sweet potatoes) and dislikes (broccoli), and watching him learn to feed himself.  He’s getting so big so quickly!

Eight Month Rundown:

  • Solid Food:  Purees are out, solids and chunks are in.  Favorites are sweet potatoes, bananas, and blueberries!
  • Bottles:  Taking one from dad every night before bed.  Even took a few from babysitters!
  • Breastfeeding: 5 times a day going strong!
  • Diapers:  Cloth and still loving it!
  • Teeth:  SIX!  This kid house a mouthful of chompers.  Ouch.
  • Noises:  Still not really babbling too much.  Too busy crawling.
  • Weight:  No idea.  Last bathroom weigh-in was around 18.5lbs.  We’ll find out next month!
  • Likes: Other people laughing, having his toes eaten, eating grass, sitting up in the bathtub, pulling on cords, being tickled.
  • Dislikes: Having his diaper changed, putting on clothes, taking afternoon naps, getting strapped in to the car seat, eating green vegetables.
  • Vacations: Next week family vacation to Georgia!
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