Elijah and the No Good, Very Bad Week

Eli had his first cold at around 3 months old and I remember thinking that he handled unusually well. He didn’t really lose any sleep, didn’t really seem to be bothered by the plethora of snot and was back to his old self within a few days even though the adults who caught his cold were down for a week or more. I got a false sense of confidence about my indestructible baby. I can honestly say, 3 months later, that confidence has been officially demolished.

After 3 days of visiting my family in my hometown, we noticed that Eli seemed off. He has been waking up in the mornings congested for weeks now, so at first I didn’t think much of it. But something seemed just not quite right, even though I couldn’t put my finger on it. On the 3 hour ride home he slept for 2 hours and sat quietly for the final one. That same afternoon, he took a 3 hour nap. 5 hours of napping is completely unheard of, which should’ve been my first clue of things to come.

The next day came the snot. The day after that, a horrible cough. With his first cold he didn’t really get much of a cough and this one was bad from the start. It was loose and, well, gross. I am pretty laid back about colds and viruses, but I’ll admit that the cough worried me. And Tuesday night, when he woke up for the 5th or 6th time from coughing and would only sleep on me, I got more worried. And at 4am Wednesday morning when he started wheezing, I was ready to see a doctor.

I called the pediatrician at 8:15 that morning only to discover that none of the pediatricians in our practice had any appointments available that day. The on-call nurse was very concerned, so she sent us to the peds emergency room. In case you wondered, this did not help with the worry situation.

At the ER he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis, which is viral in nature and has no real treatment. Some hospitals do breathing treatments, but ours doesn’t and since Eli’s oxygen saturation was good, they just did a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia (negative!) and sent us home to rest.

After several days, he started to seem better. And then he didn’t.

The first sign that something was still wrong was the sleep situation. I need to write a separate post about the crib transition, but instead of waking up once to eat and maybe one other time requiring a pacifier replacement as usual, Eli was up, screaming and crying 4-5 times a night. He was only willing to sleep on me for big portions of the night and my previously easy to soothe baby was inconsolable. It was heartbreaking to watch.

I did a little investigation and discovered that he was getting not one, but two teeth. And after a few more nights of no sleep and very vigorous ear pulling, a trip to the pediatrician revealed an ear infection. Bronchiolitis, 2 teeth and an ear infection, all in less than a week.

Did I mention my husband was out of town for almost all of this? To say this was a rough week is a gross understatement. But we now have antibiotics, one tooth is almost through and dad is home, so we’re hopeful that it’s all uphill from here. And that the next cold will be a bit more like his first one…

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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