Escaping The Family Cold

Sleeping in the guest room with a pup to keep me company!

I feel like a broken record this week. All I’ve been talking about is sickness, germs, and tissues. But when you have multiple sick family members, it’s hard to just charge forward and continue on as if nothing has happened. I’ve been making tea, sanitizing every surface, and spending a lot of time reading books in the glider.

Even though Cullen doesn’t go to a daycare or a childcare facility, he still spends a lot of time with other babies. We get together with baby friends (some of whom do go to daycare) several times a week, and we hang out at story times and library play groups too, so there are many opportunities for gathering germs. Each time one of his buddies has gotten sick, it has circulated our whole playgroup, and this time is no exception. My husband commutes on the city bus each day, so he’s exposed to a lot more germs in small spaces as well. I’m doing my best to avoid their sniffles and sneezes, since they both seem to have the same bug this time.

Even though Cullen has been hacking and drooling all over me, I’ve somehow managed to stay feeling healthy. (Knocking loudly on wood!) I have a feeling mother nature knows to spare the mama when she is needed most.  Last night, my husband was running a 100+ fever and still feeling pretty crummy, so I set up shop in our spare bedroom for the night. It felt so strange to be sleeping somewhere else. I kind of felt like I was visiting a hotel for the evening! Of course, even from my new temporary bed, I was still up and down the steps all night soothing my hacking, crying baby back to sleep. And there were no tiny bottles of shampoo or fresh towels to greet me in the morning. Just piles of neglected laundry and a dishwasher begging to be emptied. At least it was germ-free!

Everyone seems a little better today, a little less sniffly. Cullen ate a big breakfast, so I’m feeling confident that we are finally in an upswing. Today is typically the day we play with our mom and baby friends, and even though he’s definitely feeling much better, we’re going to stay home. Eventually the cycle of shared germs and spreading coughs has to stop. Hoping that this is the last day of it, and we’re back to normal-ish tomorrow.

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