Exersaucer or Jumparoo?

Have a seat, Abby will be with you in a moment.

Thanks to our storage closet and our older child, we have both an Exersaucer and a Jumparoo. I remember that when Penny was little, we busted out the Exersaucer first. Because of her very particular preemie needs, we adjusted it to our ped’s specifications so that she would work the muscles most in need. We called it “the office,” as in “Where’s Penny? Oh, she’s hard at work in the office,” because come on, you know kids look like busy little worker-bees in these things. Om nom nom, thwack thwack thwack!

Of course, our friends who have a much fancier version, with lights and sounds and whatnot, call it “Baby Vegas,” which is very fitting. I’m oozing with envy, though both Penny and Abby seem perfectly content to gnaw on silent plastic in their place of business.

Anyway, we dragged The Office out for Abby a couple months ago exactly at four months, if memory serves, because she was anxious to be upright. She’s now just about ready for us to make it taller. So okay.

But when does she get the Jumparoo? I know there came a day when the exersaucer was boring and the jumper was more fun, but I can’t remember or imagine when that would be. It’s not a huge issue, because it’s just sitting there in the closet, but I guess I’m just idly wondering what others do.

And do NOT tell me to use both at the same time! We live in a tiny apartment in the city, not a rambling farmhouse with a scenic backyard!

When do you switch from Exersaucer to Jumparoo? Or do you?

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