Family Gets Lost in Corn Maze with 3 Week Old Baby

The Danvers, MA Corn Maze Where the Family Was Lost

I know this was probably scary for these people…  but it gave me a good chuckle this evening. A family called 911 when they were unable to find their way out of a corn maze in Danvers, MA. The family of four included a mom, dad and two small children, one of which was only 3 weeks old. I’m all for family fun but I can honestly say that strapping my 3 week old to my body and attempting to navigate a very large, complicated corn maze never, EVER crossed my mind as a good idea.

Sounds like the mother had this same realization when she told the 911 dispatcher:  “We thought this would be fun. Instead it’s a nightmare. I don’t know what made us do this. It was daytime when we came in. And I never take my daughter out. This is the first time. Never again.”

They entered the maze before it grew dark but after the sun set, they became more disoriented with their surrounding and decided to call 911 to help them find their way out. It took a search and rescue dog and the local police department only a minute to locate the family inside the maze and little did they know, they were only 25 feet from the exit! I imagine this will probably be their last corn maze adventure, although it’s proven to be great publicity for the farm that hosts the corn maze every year.

Moral of the Story: Don’t take your newborn along on an activity that involves voluntarily getting lost in a corn field. If you’re in the mood for something festive and fall-like, I’d recommend hanging out in the pumpkin patch!


(More details and video on this story available here.)

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