Family Reunion (Take 2)


A few weeks ago, we took Tate to a family reunion with my family. At the time I was so concerned about the chaos of spending the weekend with 23 people, many of them children. Now, this weekend we are at a family reunion with my husbands family – a whopping 32 people! Fourteen other children are running around and 17 adults are clamoring for some Tate time.

For the first time, I am starting to let other people help a little more with Tate. For the first few months I was incredibly clingy to Tate. My momma bear instincts kept me from ever going to far from where he was and ever feeling comfortable leaving him with others (no matter how much I trust them). And I have actually been able to enjoy a little “me time”. I do worry that Tate might be getting overwhelmed with all of the attention, but I know that many of the these relatives won’t see Tate until he is much older, so I should let them spend time with him now.

Today we went to an aquatic center. Tate fell asleep on the drive and I was able to leave him napping in his seat with his grandparents. I had the chance to go off the diving board and down the water slide without constantly worrying that Tate needed me. I am planning to take advantage of the extra help while I can because we start our cross country move on MONDAY! We will be living 3,000 miles from anyone who I would currently trust to watch Tate.

His sleeping schedule is taking a beating, and with the crazy week we have coming our way, and I don’t anticipate his schedule to normalize until we get settled in our new house.

How do you feel about having others watch the baby – did it change over time? What are your experiences with babies at large family gatherings? I would love to hear about it.